Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX1 Firmware Flash File Stockrom Download

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Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX1 WAS-L01 WAS-TL10 WAS-L22 WAS-L03 WAS-LX2 WAS-L21 Updateing Unlocking Flash File Stock Rom Download

How to Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX1  flash update app file with pc tool flash firmware from fastboot with out sd card fase any error
Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX1 flasher tool to extart app file in your pc easy to update and flash file and get firmware Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX1 modem firmware download recovey file and system file and also make backup files
How to Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX1 fastboot flash first to connect adb fastboot devices mode extart zip on file folder right click mouse and clik open command window here when show in screen cmd write commad fastboot devices
if connected phone write firmware file.
file load command exmple: fastboot flash system system.img wait few minut after complete loading and next file to same prossad just change file name step by step file flash
Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX1 flash tool for pc flash tool without box and free for any user adb Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX1 flashing software download in down description fastboot suppported all Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX1 phone cup just you have Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX1 app file firmware
Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX1 qualcomm flash tool sp flash tool not need any scatter file pc and xml file to long prossage.
Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX1 update extractor tool for extart firmware file to composeing file to use and neend file how to use Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX1 update extractor first download extractor link in post down description second download flash file app open Huawei P10 Lite WAS-LX1 exrator tool select file which your downloaded folder
click extart select file CUST BOOT RECOVEY and SYSTEM.img and click start to wait extarting file in your folder
Thard goto adb folder copy all file and paste in firmware extarted folder right click on th coner open cmd commad tool and writer command
(fastboot device)
(fastboot flash cust cust.img)
(fastboot flash boot boot.img)
(fastboot flash recovey rocovey.img)
(fastboot flash system system.img)
(fastboot -w)
(fastboot reboot)
after complete all prossage wait 2/3 minut unplug usb cable trun on your phone wait 10/15 minut wait to first time after flashing complete acctivation success flashing
NOTE before flash phone first chack battery upto 40% and trun off firewall antimarval and other un use appliction use organal use data cable to fast transfaring file and first install fastboot driver if don,t installaing driver to goto windows driver manage and selecet munal installaing driver
Huawei Exartor Tool
ADB and Fastboot Drivers


P10 Lite File SIZE Download
WAS-L01 WAS-L01C432B193 1.67GB HERE
WAS-TL10 WAS-TL10C01B320 2.01GB HERE
WAS-L22 WAS-LX2JC635B190 1.74GB HERE
WAS-L03 WAS-LX3C605B187 1.73GB HERE
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